A downloadable game for Windows

2D Platformer where your two players (Orb and Astronaut) must leverage their unique abilities to solve puzzles. Playable 2-player with one person on keyboard and the other on mouse.

Install instructions

Unzip and run "Fling On.exe"

Runs best at 16:9 resolution (1920x1080 or 1366x768 for example)


FlingOn.zip 25 MB


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Cool game mechanic and music. 

Critique: I felt like I needed to have three hands for controls, because I was using the arrow keys. The guy was also very slippery in how he moved, making it quite difficult at times. I was also a bit confused on how the beam of the orb worked, sometimes feeling like it was pushing me when I was just using the left mouse button. 

The cool: Fun level designs, for the ones I got to. I eventually got past "catch a riiiiiide", though I did accidentally fly off the top a few times. A decent border between difficult and interesting.

Thanks! I felt like I needed another tutorial level for the orb beam mechanic, but time got away from me. I really should've made the up arrow key jump as well - I only tested using A and D for movement so spacebar always felt ok. Thanks again for the feedback.

Cool idea! I like how each "player" has different movement and input mechanics. The laser beam sound was a little loud. I was surprised by how powerful the beam was, I would have liked if it started weak and increased in power based on how long you held it, so you could do some more precise movements. I would have preferred more friction on the astronaut, too. Overall, very nice work! Good job!

Thanks! I really like the idea of having the power of the beam gradually increase :)

Very nice game I loved the level design and the mechanics and sound. The movement did feel a bit slippery though.  IMO the player's move speed was a little slow for me but without the slipperyness  remove I feel it would be too much. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree about the slippery feel. I wanted to give the low-gravity impression while relying on the physics engine for movement, but in the end that often makes 2D platforming feel awful. There's a lot of moments where you feel out of control. Definitely something to tweak...